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It's a Gluten Free Thanksgiving! 

In today's day and age we're seeing so many families making the
tough decision to change the families diet in order to promote their best health.

Allergies and intolerances to food groups like dairy, nuts and gluten can be really challenging to 
manage, especially for our children who are constantly exposed to a world with a long standing
love affair with all three of those things.  Yummy things that are on your No-no list are everywhere! 

And now, Thanksgiving...an entire day dedicated being thankful while
overeating indulgent foods fraught with emotional triggers and guaranteed to have you
weighing the consequenses of "Just a tiny bite".

Our solution is to bring the yummy foods that you make at home and control the ingredients.  
There's a world full of excellent recipes and delicious foods that are gluten, dairy and nut free.  
Each year, we introduce our family to several Gluten and dairy free dishes that our
family loves and that they can feel good about trying.

I especially love it when they try something and remark that it isn't at all what they expected a
healthy food to taste like.  Healthy nutritious foods DO taste good and we can feel much better
about indulging in foods that our bodies can digest and use to make us function well too!

Below is our Awesome Gluten Free Stuffing  Recipe, because stuffing is the most important dish on the table, right?!
Give it a try and we wish you a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday! 

Steinberg Family Gluten Free Stuffing.jpg

At Queensbury Family Chiropractic our mission is to 
Intentionally Inspire the Queensbury-Glens Falls Community,
Empowering every Man, Woman and Child to Reach their God Given Potential. 

We strive to provide Leadership in our community, serving as a reliable source of factual information about the Innate Intelligence within the human body.

Did you know that the human body is a self healing, self regulating organism?  The system that organizes and co-ordinates all of this healing and regulation is called the Nervous System.  This system needs no help from drugs and/or surgery, it simply needs no interference.  We call those interferences 'subluxations' and it's a Chiropractors job to detect and correct subluxations using a chiropractic adjustment, restoring the communication between the brain and every other system in the body. When you are free from interference, your body goes to work healing and regulating itself.  What comes next is the ultimate expression of your innate potential.

Children Glens Falls

Our vision is a Glens Falls/Queensbury community that is free from drugs and disease, without pain, suffering and scarcity, free of the interference that causes chemical imbalances, free from labels applied to our children that limit their potential and damage their image of self.

We actively choose to see our community filled with families thriving in peace and with joyous vitality. We see happy, healthy, carefree children playing, expressing life and energy. We see parents and young adults who are fully alive, connected and contributing to our society through the beautiful gifts inside of them. We see active, mature adults enjoying their golden years mentoring with love, fully engaged and fully relevant, their hard earned wisdom an invaluable and priceless gift appreciated by our community.

We choose to live in community where all things are possible, where miracles are commonplace, where everyone is empowered to express life abundantly, on earth, as it is in heaven, to the Glory of our Wondrous Creator.

This is life, this is love, this is our Chiropractic community.


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A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

It's a Gluten Free Thanksgiving! In today's day and age we're seeing so many families making the tough decision to change the families diet in order to promote their best health.Allergies and intolerances to food groups like dairy, nuts and... read more

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