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Boosting Immune Function


Boosting Immune Function

I recently posted this incredible video on my Facebook page along with a comment about the folly of our overusing antibiotics in this country. The video shows a Harvard study of the evolutionary process of bacteria against antibiotics and it is terrifyingly clear that the outcome should gravely concern us all.  

Several folks liked (or Wowed - love those new emojies!) the video but one dear friend had an interesting question for me.  She asked "Any suggestions on improving your immune system? Struggling with that." As I set about typing out my reply, I began to wonder if other people might be having the same question.  

I sometimes think that those of us who live on the inside of the healthcare professions might lose touch with how difficult it can be to find good information, especially good information from trustworthy sources. I also wonder if everyone really knows what we think everyone knows.  There's no question that while many of us grew up in a certain 'Health Paradigm', many of us have heard so much conflicting information along our journey that we might very well end up uncertain what to believe anymore! Our world is changing radically minute by minute, what was truth yesterday seems to end up debunked by the end of today!

So I answered her question as best I could, while trying not to type out a Facebook Novel in reply and then I decided that I'd share my answer here for all of you.  I'm going to try to attach as many reference points as possible for those of you who want to dig a little deeper.

Hi Kim,

Your immune system doesn't need improvement, it's fearfully and wonderfully made! In fact, your entire body was created by a Master Creator to be a self healing, self regulating organism.

What it does need, is to have clear communication to your Nervous System which is the system that runs the whole show and in order for your Nervous System to make good decision about operations, it need clear communication to your whole body, every organ, every cell. It should always have clear communication but unfortunately in today's world we have massive amounts of stress causing communication problems, more than any other time in the history of man and I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say it's only getting worse. And that's why you see your Chiropractor. Making sure that your Nervous System is clear and connected is your Chiropractors job so hopefully you're showing up regularly in his office, and he's all over that for you. :-) CLICK HERE to learn more about the Benefits of Chiropractic Care.

That's the biggie. Beyond that, you can do lots of great things to support your immune system. Things like supplements - a great Whole Food Multi-vitamin, Probiotics are HUGE, Omega 3, D3 and Vit C to name a few heavy hitters! One of my very favorite supplements that I strongly recommend is a greens supplement called Wuji Chorella, check out the webpage CLICK HERE to learn about Wuji!! 

I do diffuse essential oils in our home as a way to keep our indoor environment as healthy and supportive as possible, plus they smell amazing and I use them to make safe cleaning solutions too! CLICK HERE to learn more about Essential Oils.

It's also super beneficial to get outside in the grass barefoot and let your body absorb nutrients the way God intended. Here's a little article that scratches the surface of that theory:CLICK HERE

And then there's the list of things that you already know you should do but maybe sometimes forget to do ;-), those include: Drinking more Pure, Clean Water. Exercise and cutting out toxins like Sugar (CLICK HERE to learn about Issues with Sugar) and Chemicals in drinks and foods.

And finally, before you even think of doing something your Creator did not list in your bodies owners manual, like a flu shot, I strongly recommend that you read this page: CLICK HERE to learn about the Flu Shot.

So there you have it, some ideas to help you get healthy and stay healthy throughout the long Adirondack Winter!






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