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A Gluten Free Thanksgiving


A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

It's a Gluten Free Thanksgiving! 

In today's day and age we're seeing so many families making the tough decision to change the families diet in order to promote their best health.

Allergies and intolerances to food groups like dairy, nuts and gluten can be really challenging to manage, especially for our children who are constantly exposed to a world with a long standing love affair with all three of those things.  Yummy things that are on your No-no list are everywhere! 

And now, entire day dedicated being thankful while overeating indulgent foods fraught with emotional triggers and guaranteed to have you weighing the consequenses of "Just a tiny bite".

Our solution is to bring the yummy foods that you make at home and control the ingredients.  There's a world full of excellent recipes and delicious foods that are gluten, dairy and nut free.  Each year, we introduce our family to several Gluten and dairy free dishes that our family loves and that they can feel good about trying.

I especially love it when they try something and remark that it isn't at all what they expected a healthy food to taste like.  Healthy nutritious foods DO taste good and we can feel much better about indulging in foods that our bodies can digest and use to make us function well too!

On the Links tab, under Gluten Free Recipes (Click Here to go to Recipes page) is our Awesome Gluten Free Stuffing  Recipe, because stuffing is the most important dish on the table, right?!

Give it a try and we wish you a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday! 

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