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Timeless Wisdom


Timeless Wisdom

Creative Fertility
by Jeannine Parvati Baker

Article Summary:

“At birth, we do not distract ourselves with a machine that goes ‘ping,’ or with a gloved hand to examine our progress. Instead we ask our babies, ‘How do you want to be born?’ Then we listen and arrange ourselves to meet their needs and expectations. After birth comes the same question again. ‘How do you want to be in these arms?’ ‘How do I nurse you?’ We’re here to serve our babies. This is the only post-partum they will ever have. They are the priority.”

Jeanine Parvati Baker describes fertility as creative energy. “Why do people have babies? Because there is just too much love for two people, so they need to share it with another.” She describes motherhood for women such that, “Having babies fulfills our destinies as women. It’s woven into the softest tissues of ourselves to be mothers, and that is an ecstatic experience. It’s not a job or an obligation. It’s an invitation to experience tremendous joy and happiness.”

But it’s not enough to stop with the mother. Jeannine honors the importance of the father to an equal degree: “The other side blows my mind. Consider the immense amount of surrender and trust that men cultivate when they conceive a baby. The mother’s in control. It’s her body. She can eat whatever she wants to and it’s going to affect the child. What surrender and trust to allow us that literal ecstasy of gestating their child. It’s quite in balance.”


By asking the baby, “How do you want to be born?” we redirect some of the responsibility away from the mother onto the baby, respecting him or her as an autonomous co-pilot in the family trifecta. What feelings are evoked by this paradigmatic shift of responsibility onto the baby, both for birth and for parenting?

What is the ideal expression of a father whose role consists of “trusting and surrendering?”

Has your partner’s trust and surrender been a source of strength for you or were you in need of a more active role?

How do we prevent each-other from providing their optimal role in the family?

Chiropractic Connection:

The chiropractic principle, “Life expresses intelligence.” is never more apparent than in the baby and growing child. The sense of connection, so important for parents who wish to be in tune with the life of their child, is a function of the nervous system as real as the 5 basic functions of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. With subluxations to the spine and nervous system, blockages occur and there are resulting effects on our mental and emotional capabilities. Balance to the nervous system may be as important in establishing a resounding connection with each other and our children as is physical contact, love, and attention.

Article adapted from TIMELESS WISDOM, Creative Fertility, by Jeannine Parvati Baker for Pathways Connect Magazine, Issue #53, Spring 2017,.

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