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Are you wondering

"Chiropractic for children?

Why, my child doesn't have neck or back pain."

The world is changing at an alarming rate and our children are expected to adapt to this rapid evolution as it affects the world they live in more than ever. Here are just a sampling of the stresses that are children are growing up with that bear very little resemblance to the those of world during our childhood.

Our children live in an increasingly technical society where the methods of play
nd exercise have become less physical and more neurological.

Emotional & Physical Stress

They experience a much different faster paced learning
environment than children of just a decade ago.

Emotional Stress

Children are (currently) mandated to receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6 and 69 doses of 16 vaccines by the age of 18.
This is more than 3 times the number given to past generations of children and it is still growing.

Chemical Stress

Our food supply has been genetically modified and very often parents are challenged to provide
their children with the basic nutritional building blocks their growing bodies need.

Physical & Chemical Stress

Many hospitals are striving to eliminate the natural
birthing process in favor of much harsher Cesaean section deliveries.

Physical Stress

Hard working moms are finding it increasingly difficult to breastfeed their new babies,
forcing them to attempt to nourish these new lives with formulas.

Emotional, Physical & Chemical Stress

You can see by just these few examples of the way our changing world is a stressful environment to our children.  Here at QFC we are all parents first, and we can empathize with the difficult decisions and overwhelming information every parent is challenged to master.  Let's face it, if it's become increasingly difficult to be a child, it's a thousand times harder to be that childs parent. (That's why we love being your FAMILY care provider, we want to see entire families thriving!)

Many parents are now recognizing a need to be proactive, choosing to advocate for their children's optimal health rather than waiting for a reason to be reactive. For those parents, the chiropractic lifestyle meets their needs perfectly.  In chiropractic we seek to prevent disease within the body, instead working to increase the growing bodies abilty to adapt to their stressful environment and thrive! Our very best days in the office happen when a family stops in with a beautiful newborn child on the way home from the hospital, allowing us to check them for life suppressing subluxation within the first few days of life.  Imagine the wonder of starting life with a clear, fully functioning nervous system controlling and coordinating all of the growth and neurological milestones as it was intended to do!  Who doesn't desire this kind of advantage for their children?

There are many other reasons parents bring their children to see Dr. Bruce including difficulty nursing, ear and sinus infections, asthma, allergies, colic, acid reflux, immune and developmental disorders.  These parents have learned that many children experience trauma to the cervical spine (located in the upper neck) during the birth process and they want to be sure that their child has every opportunity to overcome this trauma.  Dr. Bruce uses cutting edge technology to quickly, easily and safely check for the presence of subluxations that result from birth trauma. 

QFC specializes in caring for children with Neuro-Developmental Disorders such as autism, ADD/ADHD, sensory processing disorders and learning disabilities. We know that chiropractic seeks to restore communication and function to the nervous system with safe gentle chiropractic adjustments instead of using drugs and surgeries.  Our chiro-kids often experience truly life-altering changes as their little bodies return to 100% function that allows them to thrive in the way that children are meant to!


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