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Optimal Potential

Matt Authier - 2/4/2016

My past experiences with chiropractors have been of the "shock , awe, and pop" routine. Dr Bruce is an expert in treating the body holistically. The idea is that your body is all interconnected and interdependent of it's parts. Without the brain communicating properly to these parts, you will live in discomfort. Let their team unlock your full potential. You WILL be glad that you did!

Child with Allergies & Ear Infections

Allison Burke - 2/4/2016

The only thing I regret is not starting my 22 month old with Dr.Bruce sooner!! If you want to end the cycle of pediatrician visits and antibiotic, START HERE! My son had immediate results and people noticed, speech tripled, nose stopped running, went from fever and not eating/drinking to doing both and playing! Please do yourself and your child the favor of visiting Dr.Bruce he has a gift!!!


Beth Wright - 2/4/2016

My friend recommended Dr. Bruce and I thought I'd give him a try. Now I am hooked on feeling so great! And, I always learn something new. Since going to see Dr. Bruce, I don't get headaches any more and I rarely get sick. Plus, Dr. Bruce and his staff offer the most positive and loving experience in the area. They are creating a ripple of health in our community.

Neck Pain & Self Manipulation of Neck

Shelly R - 1/6/2016

How did Chiropractic help you?

I spent many years "cracking" my neck, when stressed... years! Over time, it became the source of my neck pain. I had done so much damage to my neck. When I had my scan done, Dr. Bruce diagnosed me with whiplash. My scan showed that I had done quite a bit of damage to my own neck by my habitual "cracking" and I knew at that point that it was time for a change. Dr. Bruce explained, with gentleness and care, what I had done and how the pain would continue to worsen if I kept it up, not to mention the deterioration of my neck joints from continuing to do this to myself. So, when I began my treatments, I was experiencing a sharp pain on the right side of my head (near the top of my spine) which bothered me daily and caused me to feel the "urge to crack my neck"... but I do not have that pain anymore!! I have been seeing Dr. Bruce for well over a year now, and I am not experiencing that problem anymore! It took some time, and changes in my habits, but after seeing Dr. Bruce regularly, I am feeling MUCH, much better, and no longer even feel the need to "crack" my neck. Its awesome!

When it comes to your care at Queensbury Family Chiropractic, what aspect of the care stands out?

Dr. Bruce always educates himself AND his patients. He spends much of his time learning the very best techniques in Chiropractic care. He explains how the care he offers works to help you heal and I believe that has been very helpful to me, personally, in how I view my care. I trust that Dr. Bruce is keeping up with the latest methods to help me to heal and experience a better quality of life!

What would you tell a friend or family member who was looking for a Chiropractor about your experience with Dr. Bruce Steinberg?

He has a loving spirit, and really cares deeply about those he is helping. The staff (Jen & Sandy) are so kind and helpful, as well. When I go there, it feels like family. It is obvious that Dr. Bruce, Jen and Sandy really do care about people, and about helping them to live the very best quality of life they can, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I trust Dr. Bruce completely! He has the knowledge needed to really help people to recover from damage done or chronic pain, or just keep themselves in a continual state of better health by staying in alignment!

What would I say to MYSELF?

Hey, WHY? WHY did you do that to yourself? Why did you crack your neck so much and do so much damage? THAT's what I would say to me! lol
Seriously, I would just say, "Whatever you do, keep Chiropractic care a regular part of your life forever! Seriously... And take the things Dr. Bruce teaches you, and apply them to your daily living. Practice what he preaches. It will pay off!


Share your Chiropractic Story!
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